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We have an eye for detail

For us, it’s important to be a participant in every stage of product development and production - from conceptualisation and design, to fabrication and delivery. That’s why we’ve chosen to gather bring the necessary resources together under one roof. Our own. It was the obvious choice - we recognise how critical each tiny component is to the whole.

For those who don’t know us - yet

At Weland Plastic, we develop and manufacture injection moulded products made from thermoplastic. Always in close collaboration with our customers. We are a nimble company with short decision paths. It speeds up our processes and affords our customers a whole host of benefits. We are obsessed with quality and work to make our environmental footprint as small as possible, all without compromising design or function.

What can we do for you?

We are a supplier to the automotive industry. The custom components we supply are essential if the end product is to work optimally. This places stringent demands on us, but it's a challenge we are only too happy to tackle. Our customers and partners have chosen to work with us after a careful selection process, and this is something we are immensely proud of.

We call ourselves a “service provider”. We do this because everything we make is customised to the smallest detail. This allows us to keep a check on every part of the production process, and the expertise we have within the company enables us to ensure that all aspects of the process are monitored right down to the minutest detail. From the initial requirements specification received from the customer to production technical concepts, project management, tooling, prototype production, injection moulding, and supplementary work. We are a partner that accepts turnkey responsibility.

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How can we help you? We are on hand to support you, answer your questions, and to tell you more about what our services can do for you and your business. The easiest way to get in touch is by phone or e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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