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It’s all in the details

We develop and manufacture injection moulded products made from thermoplastic. An intelligent materials choice for those who have quality and the environment at the forefront of their thoughts, and are highly demanding in respect of design, flexibility, and function. Working in close collaboration with our customers is at the very heart of our approach. We are part of the development of your products, delighted to help with both the creation of design proposals and the fine tuning of your own ideas so that the final product meets and, ideally, exceeds your expectations. We are there for every part of the journey, from initial concept to finished product.

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Weland Plastic

We have an eye for detail

At Weland Plastic, we develop and manufacture injection moulded products made from thermoplastic. Always in close collaboration with our customers. We are a nimble company with short decision paths. It speeds up our processes and affords our customers a whole host of benefits. We are obsessed with quality and work to make our environmental footprint as small as possible, all without compromising design or function.

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Taking home production

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Get help with your product development

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