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Material substitution

Lower production costs and shorter lead times are just two of the many benefits of replacing metals or rubber with plastic. In many cases, metals can be replaced with reinforced plastics such as PPA, PPS, or PA. Similarly, rubber can be replaced with plastics such as TPE, TPV, or PVC.

Metal substitution

There are now many construction plastics that it possible to replace metal parts with plastic ones without loss of quality or function. In fact, the opposite is true. Replacing metal components with plastic equivalents affords a number of product benefits, including lower weight, corrosion resistance, malleability, and noise and vibration damping. Another benefit is that the total cost of production is lower. When you want to take the step towards a smart material choice, we will be on hand to help with the design, durability calculations, and production of prototypes.

Rubber substitution

Rubber is a relatively heavy and expensive material that, in many cases, can be replaced with various different types of plastic. Such a material swap generally affords the same benefits as replacing metal with plastic. Lower weight, lower production costs, and better malleability.

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