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Produktion 2000X800 73A2923


The experience and expertise we have acquired over the course of many years provide clear benefits to customers. We combine this expertise with efficient manufacturing processes and an array of modern machinery, including some 60 injection moulding machines in sizes ranging from 20 up to 1000 tonnes of locking force. As it is becoming increasingly common to combine multiple materials in plastic components, we have also supplemented our production line with a number of injection moulding machines that are able to handle two different materials (2K).

Formsprutning 2000X800 73A3249

Injection moulding

Metallingjutning 2000X800 73A2935

Metal injection

Dubbelgjutning 2000X800 73A3260

Dual injection

Hemtagning Av Produktion 2000X800 73A3172

Taking home production

Stodkorning 2000X800 73A2981

Support operation

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance procedure, along with its incorporated traceability process, enables us to maintain high quality standards throughout the manufacturing process and allows us to trace each individual product in respect of things such as production date, non-conformances, assembly, and testing.

CMM measurement

CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) measurements are conducted at high speed and using the latest technology throughout the entire process, particularly during the initial phase. Using advanced technology, we measure the geometric characteristics and dimensions of components and analyse the results, ensuring the products we supply meet the requirements and specifications stipulated on drawings and in technical documentation. Our customer promise - to always adapt our manufacturing and inspection processes in a way that allows us to deliver the right product at the right time at the right price and at the right level of quality, all in accordance with our customers’ orders.

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