Project management

Project management

We help with design proposals or modifications to our customers ideas in order to achieve optimum quality, design and production economics. This also includes material proposals for products so that customer demands are met.

  • Inquiry/Quote


    We offer fast quotes according to the customers wishes. This always includes a first draft product review.

  • Project order, Design review

    Project order, Design review

    When the order is received a time schedule for the entire project is drawn up. Risk analysis (FMEA) and flow charts are compiled. If necessary the project manager holds a design review, internally/externally with the stakeholders, e.g., tool manufacturers and material suppliers. Purchases required for the project work are reviewed, these are then entered into the time schedule.

  • Tool manufacturing

    Tool manufacturing

    Weland Plastic always works closely with the tool supplier in order to produce the best possible tool design. Once the tool design has been approved, it usually takes between 6-10 weeks before the first samples arrive.

  • Initial samples/PPAP submission

    Initial samples/PPAP submission

    Once the project manager has approved the production process at Weland Plastic, initial samples are produced and submitted to the measurement department for the final verification of dimensions. Measurement protocols and dimensionally/visually approved parts are sent to the customer for approval, working standards and master samples are produced by the measurement department. PPAP documentation is submitted to the customer at the same time as the initial samples.