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  • Meet us at Hannover Messe 2019


    Sweden is the partner country of the world's leading and largest industrial trade fair in Hanover 2019. Just like the other Swedish exhibitors at the trade show, Weland stands for quality and innovation.

    – Weland Plastic and Weland Solutions will be representing the Group together at one stand. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase our products to 220,000 visitors and thousands of other exhibitors. It's going to be exciting, says Björn Karlsson, CEO of Weland Solutions AB.

    Weland Plastic is an expansive full-service company that develops and produces thermoplastic injection-moulded products. The company has exhibited at Hannover Messe before and is today an established supplier to the German automotive industry.

    Weland Solutions is a leading supplier of solutions for warehouse management and logistics, for example, customised vertical storage lifts. It has customers in 27 countries worldwide, but Weland Solutions has never before exhibited at the Hannover Messe.

    – That's right! But we'll be there this year and we're obviously aiming to establish new contacts. Some of our customers are also customers of Weland Plastic, for example Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls Royce. We supply these companies with completely different products in entirely different segments. I think this perfectly illustrates the quality and strength of the Weland Group, says Björn Karlsson.

    The Hannover Messe takes place April 1-5 and you will find Weland in Hall 14, Stand L12. Welcome!

  • Meet us at Elmia Subcontractor


    Take the opportunity to meet Weland Plastic at Elmia Subcontractor in Jönköping on 13 – 16 November.

    You can find us at stand D01:62, where you can take the opportunity to benefit from our knowledge and experience, gain an insight into the production and experience high quality, injection moulded parts.

    Weland Plastic has exhibited at Elmia Subcontractor for several years in a row. First and foremost, because the fair is an excellent place for meeting both customers and suppliers. Elmia Subcontractor is Northern Europe's leading trade fair for subcontractors and gathers 1200 exhibitors and up to 15,000 visitors from 30 countries.

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    Elmia Subcontractor

  • Opening hours during the summer


    Weland Plastic would like to take the opportunity to wish all of its customers and suppliers a wonderful summer. We will be closed from week 28 to week 31. We at Weland Plastic wish you an amazing summer!

    Happy holidays

  • Meet us in Hanover


    We will be exhibiting at the Hanover trade fair 2018 from the 23rd to the 27th of April.

    Certified according to IATF 16949, and with many years of experience and knowledge of product development, tool production, injection moulding, vibration welding, assembly and pad printing, Weland Plastic is a reliable and stable partner for most industries.

    We help our customers from an early stage in the production process up to the finished product. If you would like to learn more about injection moulded thermoplastic components, you are warmly welcome to meet us in Hall 004, stand E40!

    Hanover Trade Fair

  • Closed over Xmas and the New Year


    Weland Plastic wishes all of its customers and suppliers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are now taking a well-earned rest while looking forward to an exciting 2018, when you are once again welcome back with your queries and projects regarding injection moulding.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  • Opening hours during the summer


    Weland Plastic would like to take the opportunity to wish all of its customers and suppliers a wonderful summer. We will be closed from week 28 to week 31. We at Weland Plastic wish you an amazing summer!

    Happy holidays

  • Weland Plastic extends production


    Weland Plastic's largest injection moulding machine ever has arrived to the factory. The machine is of the Engel brand with a clamping force of 700 tonnes.

    The injection moulding machine has a clamping force of 700 tons and has a full servo robot. The machine has a seven-meter long Z-axis to handle an advanced packaging cell. The cell is structured in a rational way to produce unmanned for many hours to provide customers with as cost-effective production as possible.

    Produces larger articles

    "By expanding our machinery with a larger injection moulding machine, we become a more complete supplier to meet our customers' requirements for larger injection moulded articles," says Simon Ottosson, project manager at Weland Plastic.

    New injection moulding machine

  • Weland Plastic is supplying parts to Scania


    Weland Plastic has recently won a further nomination enabling plastic parts to be delivered to Scania's new platform. The new project concerns 2K injection moulded parts and has resulted in Weland Plastic investing in a 230 ton 2K injection moulding machine.

    In recent years, Weland Plastic has had several projects and nominations regarding Scania. It is almost three years since Weland Plastic initiated its collaboration with Scania and, according to Simon Ottosson, Project Manager at Weland Plastic, the company is looking forward to a further collaboration.

    "We are very happy that we have once again been entrusted to deliver injection moulded parts to Scania," Simon Ottosson says.

    To manage the production of the double injection moulded parts for Scania, Weland Plastic has invested in a 230 ton 2K injection moulding machine. The machine is fully equipped with a full servo robot of the latest type.

    Weland Plastic liefert Doppelgussteile an Scania

  • The Wheels Are Spinning at Full Speed


    The wheels are spinning at full speed, and Weland Plastic's production is witnessing a strong increase. It is, above all, components for the new Volvo V90 and S90 that are behind this growth. Weland Plastic currently supplies the majority of the plastic components that are part of Volvo's SPA platform, i.e. the platform for Volvo's new 90 models.

    Being a Volvo supplier places enormous demands on quality and security of supply.

    At present, we are a proud supplier to several of the major players in the automotive industry such as, for example, Volvo, Scania, Mercedes, etc. We have plenty of experience, genuine know-how, a large production capacity, the best equipment imaginable as well as skilled and committed personnel.

    This makes us a stable, reliable and future-proof cooperation partner.

    Volvo V90

  • Opening hours during the summer!



    Weland Plastic would like to take the opportunity to wish all of its customers and suppliers a wonderful summer.

    We will be closed from week 29 to week 31.

    We at Weland Plastic wish you an amazing summer!

  • Weland Plastic is a supplier to Scania


    Weland Plastic AB has been appointed as direct supplier of injection-moulded thermoplastic parts to Scania. We are very proud to receive this trust from a world leading company.

    We are looking forward to many interesting projects involving injection-moulded thermoplastic parts. Different types of joining and some assembly work will also be part of Weland Plastic's undertaking.

    We have been delivering to Scania for several years and we are very positive about the continuing good cooperation with Scania.


  • We have invested in a new 3D printer!


    We have purchased a Zortrax M200, which now gives us the opportunity to print out prototypes in many different materials easily and flexibly, including ABS, Nylon and PET.

    Apart from the opportunity to make prototypes with our 3D printer, we can also offer prototype tools in aluminium and silicone.

    Zortrax M200

  • Two new injection moulding machines.


    In addition, Weland Plastic has invested in 2 new injection moulding machines. One 160 metric tonne made by Engel and one 450 metric tonne made by Zhafir.

    Both of the machines are equipped with full-servo robots and, with their very large capacity, they will produce large volumes of parts for Automotive. Both of the machines are in operation and are producing parts for Scania and Volvo Cars, among others.

    Injection moulding machine Engel
    Injection moulding machine Zhafir

  • Weland Plastic has purchased a HAAS VF2


    To increase the capacity in the tool department, we have invested in a new HAAS VF2 milling machine.

    The machine will be used to service, repair and adjust tools for our customers. All of this in order to increase the capacity and service level as well as to shorten delivery times.

  • Weland Plastic has invested in a vibration welding machine from Green & Co


    The M-624 Hi model is a powerful machine that can weld an area up to 450 cm² and it has the most up-to-date control system including data management and Teleservice.

    Vibration welding is a bonding technology where the parts are vibrated to create friction between them. Roughly, in the same way as when you rub your hands after being out getting ready for Christmas on a wonderful December day. The vibrations are produced by pulling a spring from its zero position with the help of magnets. The advantage with welding is that there is no need for adhesives and screws.

    Moreover, the technique is clean, fast, energy efficient and it is characterised by high productivity with lower costs than alternative methods. Examples of components include different types of tanks and covers that have to be bonded, e.g. fuel tanks.

    Branson was founded in 1946, the same year as Green & Co. However, the vibration welding technology is hardly 30-years-old and Branson is the pioneer in the field.