• New warehouse at Weland Plastic


    Weland Plastic inaugurated its new warehouse in October. When the company decided to extend its production facility, it also agreed that a new warehouse should be built. This would allow for an optimal flow of work through the factory; raw materials enter one end of the factory and final plastic parts are stored at the other end, before being loaded and shipped out.

    A deep stacking storage area has been installed inside the new warehouse to facilitate FIFO management.

    Construction of a new production hall warehouse at Weland Plastic

  • Weland Plastic is expanding


    At Weland Plastic, the construction of a new production hall and a new warehouse is underway. Altogether, the new extension will be 4,200 m².

    The move to the new warehouse and production hall will take place during the autumn.

    Construction of a new production hall warehouse at Weland Plastic

  • New injection moulding machines at Weland Plastic


    Weland Plastic has increased its machinery fleet by adding two more hybrid machines – a 220 tonne and a 500 tonne machine of the make Engel. The two new injection moulding machines are helping to increase the capacity in the production.

    With more machines and greater production capacity, Weland Plastic can satisfy its customers' needs even better when it comes to injection moulded articles.

    Engel 220T injection moulding machine

  • We are changing our name


    Weland Plastic is an expansive full-service company within thermoplastics with its own resources from idea to finished product. Today, we have two production units in Smålandsstenar, Sweden, with some 60 injection moulding machines in the range 20 to 1000 tonnes clamping force, our own dedicated tool department, vibration welder and measurement department. To provide the best possible quality, the company is quality certified according to IATF 16949 and environmentally certified according to ISO 14001.

    The change of name is one step towards increasing the awareness of the fact that we are a part of the Weland Group, which is a family owned Group with its head office in Smålandsstenar. Today, the Group includes some 30 production units in the steel, aluminium and plastics industries with an annual turnover of approx. SEK 2 billion.

    Weland Plastic AB

  • Now we are even stronger


    In June two new injection moulding machines arrive for Weland Plastic's already powerful fleet of equipment: one machine with a clamping force of 300 metric tonnes and one with a clamping force of 500 metric tonnes. With the newly purchased machines, Weland Plastic can increase the production capacity, while ensuring it can meet an increased demand.

    For Weland Plastic it is always important to satisfy the customer's needs and to maintain its short delivery times. With even more machines and greater production capacity, Weland Plastic is equipped for the future and ready for even more projects.

    Engel injection moulding machine

  • Yet another giant takes its place


    Weland Plastic is now supplementing its fleet of equipment with yet another giant – an Engel, with a clamping force of 1000 metric tonnes. The new injection moulding machine is perfect for manufacturing large and complex items, which are often to be found in the automotive industry.

    It can also produce items unmanned, guaranteeing a cost-efficient production for the customer. The machine has a clamping force of 1000 metric tonnes, with associated full servo robot, and a seven-metre-long Z-axis for handling an advanced packaging cell.

    Engel 1000T